We are well-versed with the choices of all solar PV modules and we are experienced in consulting and working with them. Here are some modules that are popularly used worldwide:

Monocrystalline modules

For small spaces.
Purer silicon content.
Cell voltage slightly higher.
High efficiency.
A life expectancy of over 30 years, with manufacturers giving a performance guarantee of over 20 years.

Polycrystalline modules

Lower silicon content.
More environmentally friendly to manufacture.
Lower efficiency levels and need a greater surface area for the same output.
Price per watt turns out lower.
Frequently used for large installations.

Amorphous modules

The new thin-layer technology allows this module to be manufactured cheaply.
Used in most small-scale applications and increasingly in larger systems.
Service life is almost the same with the silicon modules.
Price per watt is favourable.