It takes only an hour for the sun to send the same amount of energy to the Earth’s surface as mankind consumes in a whole year. Thanks to modern technology, this solar radiation can be converted effectively into useful energy.

At G Power Gen, we provide you with the necessary know-how for your solar power unit – from the initial planning and expert consulting to the complete installation, including all the necessary parts. The solution chosen will depend on a variety of factors and not least on our customers’ individual wishes. Our efficient solar power units will allow the world to move towards sunnier times and set the signal for a clean future.

Why Choose G Power Gen for Solar PV Systems?

With more than 10 years of experience in solar PV systems and different PV technologies, G Power Gen produces world class end-to-end turnkey solutions which can fit perfectly to any customer requirements.

More than 10 years of experience in PV system design and installation.

Experienced with using different PV technologies
 (Crystalline, Thin Film).

Competent mechanical design centre located in Germany.

Test laboratories and certification centre in Germany 
(TUV, ISO, Environmental Test Centre).

Experienced in construction business and static calculations.

Established relationships with major PV equipment manufacturers 
(PV modules, inverters, etc)

Interested how Solar PV Systems benefit you?

Turnkey Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

G Power Gen provides end-to-end turnkey solar PV systems which can be tailored to fit any customer demands. Our services include:

Retrofit installation
on existing residential, commercial or industrial facility rooftops
Design and installation
of solar PV systems for new buildings
Design and installation
of large scale ground-mounted PV systems (solar farm)
of grid-connected or off-grid solar PV systems


In our effort to provide only the best solutions to our customers, we work with internationally renowned and reliable brands.