G Power Gen has a fast response time in the event of faults and a one-to-one device replacement as fast as 48 hours within Malaysia.

Matured inverter manufacturing know-how for more than 70 years from KACO (German based)

Standard warranty of up to 7 years (for most models) with warranty extension options of up to 25 years

Professional performance monitoring system over the web to continuously monitor output from the convenience of mobile internet devices

On-Grid (Grid-Connected) Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters


Transformerless String Inverters (xi)


Galvanically Isolated String Inverters (02)


Transformerless 3-phase Inverters (TL3)


Transformerless 3-phase Solar Park Inverters


Transformerless String Inverters (xi)


Off-Grid (Stand-Alone) Solar Inverters

Solar-Wind Hybrid Off-Grid Systems



PV Performance Monitoring Systems

The buyer of a photovoltaic installation wants to be sure that it produces the maximum electrical current yield in an optimum operating state. Long-lasting and reliable. Whether you keep a small installation at home or want to control an entire solar park from afar, you are always in control with KACO accessories for PV system monitoring.